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As a child, I was labeled “OCD” and “ADHD.” Through the support of my family (especially my grandmother and KirBeBetter inspiration), my close friends, and influential leaders like Dr. Demartini, I was able to utilize and embrace my gifts so I could free my genius and discover the path to living by my highest values

Learning to guard and control my thoughts, reactions, and mindset is a never-ending journey, but is one that continues to help me improve my professional and mental performances, strengthen relationships, reduce stress, and get out of my head so I can be present in the moment.


VALUES: Health Is Wealth

At KirBeBetter, we believe that health is our greatest wealth! Without our health, we truly have nothing, so let’s commit to taking command of our health and working to BeBetter!


MISSION: See You At The Top

When we align our mental, physical, and spiritual health, we free our inner greatness and I can help you do just that! My first Tip to you is: remember that you are perfect as you are and nothing is missing inside of you! As we work to BeBetter and get more aligned with our highest values, we will realize that we truly have no limits! Anything is possible!


What started as a personal awakening to the value of my health and wellness has become a worldwide movement dedicated to inspiring others to see health as their greatest wealth!

Join me in the MOVEment as we take command of our health, wellness, and fitness and work towards becoming the best possible versions of ourselves while inspiring others to join us along the way! Health is wealth! See you at the top!

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