My goal is to inspire you to be a healthier, wealthier, BETTER version of yourself!

I believe health is the greatest wealth, and investing in yourself by learning to preserve and increase your health is your greatest asset!

The #KirBeBetter Method:

Mind • Body • Soul

I believe these 3 components are key to high performance, success, and happiness. When you learn to take control of your mind and soul, you will learn the best methods for your body, which will inevitably lead you to a healthier, happier life and allow you to create incredible wealth.

Understanding the laws of the universe:

“Everything is on the way, not in the way.”

I believe in order to overcome or achieve anything great, you have to get your mind out of the way! If you let yourself be limited by labels, you’ll lose sight of your purpose and highest values. Focus on taking control of your mind, creating your life’s mission, and then make it happen!

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