Kirby’s Words of How Movement Started


Talk about how I first took Dr. Demartini test and became awaken to my health as being my highest value. After taking his value test I had a massive epiphany. I realized three things in a matter of minutes.


1)- Health is the most important thing in the world to me and that's why I always got upset when I eat unhealthy or do something that is bad for my health. I also realized that no amount of money in world can substitute for how important my health is to me. It first started once I had a knee surgery and was stuck on the couch. That when I started realizing that Health is Wealth after being stuck on the couch for weeks. I told myself if somebody offered me one million dollars or the ability to go for a run I would take the run 10/10 times. After taking value test it all made since.


2)-I also realized why I would get angry inside and judge people that were over weight because If I looked like that I would judge and be angry with myself. In that very moment I said lets stop judging over weight people and help them, be the change you want to see int he world. It has later enhanced in to helping all people more more and take command of their health as I lead by example.


3)-My dad had a few moths prior to taking the value test is that he thinks one of my weaknesses from the elite people in the country is that I am not a hard worker as we were out eating sushi. Side not I wasn't aware of it at the time but I was still trying to grow and Be Better so I asked my dad what my biggest weakness was. When he said I wasn't a hard worker this hurt me inside. I wasn't working that hard at his law from but I was working for several hours a day in the gym. I hadn't yet connected the dots that I wasn't aligned fully with my work. After taking the value test the light bulb went off and I said since I am working for several hours a day in the gym if I could make money working out and helping inspire others to be healthier I would be living in my dreams. I realized that the reason I wasn't working super hard at my dad law firm was because I wasn't inspired by it. If I could create a business around and health and fitness I would be living in my dreams. I would be doing what I love and loving what I do and wouldn't have to work a day in my life. When you build your life and business around your highest values you natural free your greatness and become a very hard worker.


KirBeBetter means not that we are not good enough and that we need  to get Be Better and means that when you discover that you are perfect as you are and nothing is missing inside of you you then start to evolve


SEE YOU AT THE TOP means that we all have greatness inside of us and the more we align with our mental, physical, and spiritual we have no limits 


BB my granmother played a fundantal role in my life. I used to love seeing her more than you can put into words. When she would come from out of town I would look out the window for hours waiting for her and my grandfather to arrive. She always used to emphasize to me the importance of giving back to others. She would say its bigger than us Kirby we must help others out. After her passing from ALZ it was very difficult but I always felt connected to her. I founded KirBeBetter about one year after her passing. I founded it and started to get more inspired than ever. I felt like I was cotantly challanging myself, getting out of my comfort zone and things were naturally starting to fall into place. I always felt connected to her. After a couple months of Tip Of Tuesday and making videos and visualizing the movement I realized I wanted to come up with a name for it. I paid my step sister 100 dollars to come up with a name for me because of how creative I saw she was with coming up with captions on Instagram. 2017 Thanksgiving I asked her if she had anything in mind. Note she had been following me and watching all my videos. I asked her after dinner and what have you come up with. She said I don't think its very good but Kirbebetter. It didnt hit me immediately but after a few minutes I said OMG I have been telling myself this for around 10 years. You have to get better Kirby you're not good enough, lets get better. Things like that almost every single day. I later found out that I am perfect but lets save that for another message I plan on making a video about that. I immediately went and changed my name on instagram. Some people didnt like it at first but it eventually caught on. So why I'm telling the entire story is because after starting the movement and coming up with the name I felt like this was what my granmother would have wanted and was my way of honoring her name by helping others and giving back. I also felt deeply connected to her even after her passing especially after starting KBB.  After I had the name for a few months I was on my way to the gym and asked the higher power for sign to show me that she was still hear with me. The high power told me to look at Kirbebetter on my phone so I did. A shock of energy and inspiration raced through me and I looked at the two b and immediately realized she has been hear with me the entire time. I started crying tears of inspiration. I then capitalized both B’s and started spelling it like KirBeBetter. See you at the top with the angels BoBe.


As a child, I was labeled “OCD” and “ADHD.” Through the support and inspiration of my family, close friends, and influential leaders like Dr. Demartini, I was able to utilize and embrace my gifts so I could free my genius and discover the path to living by my highest values. I decided I wanted to inspire millions to do the same!

Learning to guard and control my thoughts, reactions, and mindset is a never-ending journey that has helped me improve my professional and mental performance, strengthen relationships, reduce stress, and get out of my head so I can be present in the moment.

Discovering what my highest values are has helped me live according to them.


After overcoming an injury and knee surgery, I learned the importance of treating your body like a temple and giving it what it needs to thrive. I realized my health is far more important to me than material possessions or achievements, and I’ve become obsessed with inspiring as many people as I can to MOVE MORE, OVERCOME INJURIES, and BE BETTER.

Health is the greatest wealth!


When you’re living by your highest values, you’re inspired to do what you love. You begin to realize your purpose is much bigger than you, and you develop a massive, ever-expanding context for what you can achive in life.

I believe your soul is everlasting, and your purpose should be as well.

If your job makes you misserable, find one that aligns with your values. If you’re not sure what your values are, take the Value Determination Test, or hire a life coach to help you realize your potential and design your destiny.

Control your mind, take command of your body, get inspired, find your mission.

KirBeBetter Gives Back

The KirBeBetter movement is a tribute to my late grandmother – Barbara Barban – who always emphasized the importance of giving back inspired me to BE BETTER!

A portion of the proceeds from each item of KirBeBetter apparel is donated to Cure Alzheimer’s Fund where 100% of all funds go directly to Alzheimer’s research.

Please join and follow this movement, and ask me how you can make simple lifestyle changes that’ll improve the way you feel, look, and perform!