About Kirby Chenkin

Kirby Chenkin
CEO & Founder of KirBeBetter

Health, fitness, and entrepreneurship are my 3 highest values, and my life’s mission is to share them with the world. My goal is to inspire others to take control of their health, improve their physique, and become a BETTER version of themselves. 

I started KirBeBetter to motivate people to BE BETTER, and it’s grown into an international user-generated movement that I hope to share with the world.

When I’m not at work, building my businesses, or exercising, I love incorporating recovery methods like massage, sauna, and cold therapy. Organization is another major inspiration of mine, and I plan to share my habits and hacks to help people get organized, focused, and more efficient so they can maximize their performance. 

After graduating with B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship from the University of Texas at Dallas, I worked at Chenkin Law Firm as Chief Marketing Officer where I discovered my interest in marketing and helping people solve their problems. I was able to increase business volume and helped expand the legal practice and Of Counsel Attorney network.

In 2018 I decided I wanted to bring clients a complete solution to the Personal Injury process, so I founded Car Accedients – Houston’s only stress-free, A-Z solution for personal injuries. We’re now able to provide everything from tow trucks, ambulances, and car repair to medical care and legal representation – at NO COST to the customer.

Our goal is to remove the hassle from the entire experience while giving people BETTER service, the medical treatment they actually need, and maximizing their legal settlement so they can focus on getting back their quality of life. Check out our website, and make sure you and all your loved ones have our number on speed dial in case of an accident!



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