How Tom Brady Achieved Greatness

What does it take to be great? What actions are required of those we consider massively successful?

This short story of how Tom Brady’s relentless dedication and determination set him on the path to becoming the greatest quarterback of all time inspired me to commit to relentless action. No matter what your goals are or how you define success, committing to showing up and putting in the work is half the battle.

Most people fail to achieve greatness because they don’t even show up. Greatness is achieved by those who outwork everyone else. Be the hardest worker in the room! Inspire others to work hard and commit to achieving your desired results by showing up with your game face every single day and pushing yourself to improve.

Tom Brady wasn’t always the best – in fact, he was not considered someone with natural talent. But he was willing to put the work in and work harder than everyone else – and I believe that is what set him apart in his field.

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