How To Organize Your Life

Organization is key to productivity!
This is a picture of my locker at the Houstonian Health Club in Houston Texas. I like to keep everything in my life as organized as possible. ⁣Creating organization in my outer world allows me to create peace in my inner world.
I have two sets of essentials, home-base and gym-base. I buy the bigger size products for my home and the travel size products for the gym. ⁣
When I travel all I have to do is put all of my gym-based essentials in a dock kit and pack it into my suit case. ⁣
The message I want you to take from this is to treat yourself like a business. In reality you are a business. Like Jay Z said: I’m not a businessman I’m a business man. Your business is a byproduct of you!⁣
Organize yourself and your business with routines, habits and systems. This will allow you and your busines to operate very efficiently and grow!
Stay tuned for more organizational tip and hacks coming soon. Health is WeLLth!
See you at the top!
Written by our founder Kirby Chenkin
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