Health is WeLLth

Have you ever heard the phrase “health is wealth?” Well if you follow Kirbebetter you might have heard the phrase once or twice. 

 My name is Yael Zelikovich and I was born and raised in Caracas,Venezuela. Many of you reading this have heard about the political crisis in my country and how it is affecting lives but let me tell you that  “nothing can stop one’s mind.”   

I have pondered on the term wealth for a long time not being able to draw the connection between it and health. I decided to take the phrase in a different manner, by slightly tweaking the letters. Health can be broken down into categories of how humans feel, diet, exercise, behave, and react with the world around us. As a young practicing Jewish girl I identified the topic of mental health many times throughout the Jewish texts and prayers I learn in College, located in the holiest place on earth, Jerusalem.  

Maimonides teaches us in his Book of Damages, that neglecting one’s body is a violation of a negative commandment. However, he elaborated and says that one has a biblical commandment to be healthy both mentally and physically. How do we accomplish this goal? The mind is what results in our true wellness. Having positive thoughts and keeping our endorphins present is how we can truly reach the “top”. Becoming ultimate is reaching for the sky, aim high, believe in yourself, create yourself, don’t let others hold you back, lead by example because that’s what we were put in this world for, to make the best of it and ourselves. Positivity is key to our success and understanding that being the best you can be is what inspires others to follow suit. “Love what you do and you will never work a day in your life”, follow your dreams and make those dreams history, you are great, you are a creation created to create. Health is WELLth, keep being positive, a leader, and accomplish goodness and the rest will flow right to your fingertips.

Written by Yael Zelikovich a nutritional student

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