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Ready to take command of your health, but aren't quite sure how to start? Download the KirBeBetter FREE Meal Guide! In 2 super simplified steps, you can start your journey towards a healthier you TODAY!

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After taking the Values Test, the light bulb went off for me.... My take-away from this story for you is: when you align your life and business around your highest values, you naturally free your inner greatness! If you have not yet discovered your highest values, I recommend taking Dr. Demartini's Values Test here!

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I used to love seeing her more than I can put into words. When she would come visit from out of town, I would look out the window for hours waiting for her and my grandfather to arrive!

She always used to emphasize to me the importance of giving back to others. She would say, "It is bigger than us, Kirby. We must help others out." After her passing from Alzheimer's, it was very difficult for me to process.

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Organization is key to productivity!

Sharing one of the ways I stay organized to keep my personal life and my business life running smoothly!

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