KirBeBetter Story - 'Social Media Eny'

KirBeBetter Story - 'Social Media Eny'

Shortly after starting KirBeBetter which I feel is my dream job, I started working incredibly hard to turn this vision into reality. 

 KirBeBetter, was me turning what I love to do into a business. Do what you love love what you do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

 I was putting most of my energy into Instagram by creating content like the Tip Of Tuesday every Tuesday. 

 One night after getting some traction with the movement and growing it to a few thousand followers, even some internationally. I went to delete another account that I had that I was no longer using and I put in the wrong email and accidentally deleted KirBeBetter

 After realizing there was no way to get it back, I broke down. I literally shattered my phone all over the floor and broke my desk. 

 But because I am at a different level of my life now, I didn’t let this carry on more than a few hours. The old Kirby would have let it drag for possible weeks. I went right to the drawing board and said why did this happen?

After a few hours of analyzing the situation, I realized I had let this movement start to control me and I wasn’t controlling it. I had become addicted to social media and wasn’t living authentically with the message behind KirBeBetter.

I was constantly comparing myself to other influencers and telling myself I wasn’t good enough. I made a commitment from that day forward to do my best to stop comparing myself to other people and do everything I can to stay true and authentic to my message.


3 Keys I learned 


  1. Social media is highly addictive and it is wise to control your usage. I now only consume content on the weekends and not throughout the week, I just post.
  2. It is not wise to compare yourself to other people. Everybody’s journey is different and everyone is at different points of their journey. The best thing we can do is focus on ourselves and become the best versions of ourselves.
  3. Most importantly stay true to your message. Likes views and numbers can be deceiving. The more you focus on providing value for others and getting your message as clear as you possibly can, all the other stuff will fall into place.


Let’s continue to not have social media envy and just focus on being the best versions of ourselves, we are all great and perfect.


Health is wealth!
See you at the top!

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