How To Organize Your Life

Organization is key to productivity!⁣ ⁣ This is a picture of my locker at the Houstonian Health Club in Houston Texas. I like to keep everything in my life as organized as possible. ⁣Creating organization in my outer world allows me to create peace in my inner world. ⁣ I have two sets of essentials, … Read more

Health is WeLLth

Have you ever heard the phrase “health is wealth?” Well if you follow Kirbebetter you might have heard the phrase once or twice.   My name is Yael Zelikovich and I was born and raised in Caracas,Venezuela. Many of you reading this have heard about the political crisis in my country and how it is affecting … Read more

How Tom Brady Achieved Greatness

What does it take to be great? What actions are required of those we consider massively successful? This short story of how Tom Brady’s relentless dedication and determination set him on the path to becoming the greatest quarterback of all time inspired me to commit to relentless action. No matter what your goals are or … Read more

Plogging Challenge

Last year I took up “Plogging” – combining picking up trash and litter with exercise. This fitness craze originated in Sweeden and has gained popularity all over the world as people are cleaning up their communities while engaging in physical activities they love! Plogging protects our environment, is great for your health, and can give … Read more

Manners Matter

Here’s a brand new “Tip of Tuesday” and this time I have a special guest here with me to teach us the importance of having good manners! Does this apply to you? Sign up for email updates and latest news!

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