About KirBeBetter

What started as a personal awakening to the value of my health and wellness has become a worldwide movement dedicated to inspiring others to see health as their greatest wealth!

“When your mind, body, and soul are in harmony, you can achieve whatever you want in life!” 

– Kirby Chenkin


As a child, I was labeled “OCD” and “ADHD.” Through the support and inspiration of my family, close friends, and influential leaders like Dr. Demartini, I was able to utilize and embrace my gifts so I could free my genius and discover the path to living by my highest values. I decided I wanted to inspire millions to do the same!

Learning to guard and control my thoughts, reactions, and mindset is a never-ending journey that has helped me improve my professional and mental performance, strengthen relationships, reduce stress, and get out of my head so I can be present in the moment.

Discovering what my highest values are has helped me live according to them.


After overcoming an injury and knee surgery, I learned the importance of treating your body like a temple and giving it what it needs to thrive. I realized my health is far more important to me than material possessions or achievements, and I’ve become obsessed with inspiring as many people as I can to MOVE MORE, OVERCOME INJURIES, and BE BETTER.

Health is the greatest wealth!


When you’re living by your highest values, you’re inspired to do what you love. You begin to realize your purpose is much bigger than you, and you develop a massive, ever-expanding context for what you can achive in life.

I believe your soul is everlasting, and your purpose should be as well.

If your job makes you misserable, find one that aligns with your values. If you’re not sure what your values are, take the Value Determination Test, or hire a life coach to help you realize your potential and design your destiny.

Control your mind, take command of your body, get inspired, find your mission.

KirBeBetter Gives Back

The KirBeBetter movement is a tribute to my late grandmother – Barbara Barban – who always emphasized the importance of giving back inspired me to BE BETTER!

A portion of the proceeds from each item of KirBeBetter apparel is donated to Cure Alzheimer’s Fund where 100% of all funds go directly to Alzheimer’s research.

Please join and follow this movement, and ask me how you can make simple lifestyle changes that’ll improve the way you feel, look, and perform!

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